S.S. Tools is a pioneer & leading manufacturer of gear cutting tools in India. The company has been producing a comprehensive range of quality gear cutting tools for automotive gearing, railways, defense sector, aerospace, machine tool, industrial gear, and other diverse gearing applications. We specialize in the manufacture of Gear Hobs, Gear Shaper cutters, Gear Shaving cutters, Master gears, special form relieved cutters, Scudding / Skiving cutters and Ground thread flat die plates.

Since the beginning, our strength lies in the selection of highest quality raw materials including sintered high-speed steel, coupled with advance computer-aided design manufacturing and stringent in-process quality control on products. This has kept us as the leader in cutting edge innovation and resulted in the production of the highest quality gear tools. Our engineers work in close coordination with our customers to ensure that we not only meet their expectations but also consistently exceed them.

To add a feather to the company’s innovation and growth trajectory, S.S. Tools recently acquired the world-renowned European manufacturing facility of Fhusa tools. Now with the third-generation stepping in, the company has set up a completely new manufacturing plant spanning over 30,000 sq. ft., with the latest state-of-the-art production facilities.


Quality, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction are essential to our philosophy. Hence, our values have always reflected the way in which we conduct business – an ethical approach in dealing with customers & employees; initiation and determination in providing the highest quality solutions, to assure our customers a competitive edge. We are active on all world markets to serve you, putting our expertise at your disposal.