Most of the complex machinery is working because of the gears attached to it. Many companies in India are providing gear-cutting tools. Their main aim is to provide their clients with the best quality tools that can be used for the cutting procedures. Different machines require different types of gears to set up, so it is always better to go with the cutting of the gear so that it can perform its function well. The gears are the machine component that transmits the mechanical energy from one shaft to another. The power transmission by gears provides 100% of efficiency in the working

There are different types of gear-cutting procedures. Let’s have a look at them.

  •      Hobbing process: This process is used to cut the teeth of the gear so that it can perform its tasks well. It is the process where the gears are shortened so that they can complete the revolution. This process of cutting is considered to be the best process of cutting the gears.
  •      Broaching technique: This process of the cutting of the gear is used to give shape to the gears. As you all might be knowing that the requirement of gears varies from machine to machine. So, this process is very important. Even this process is a little expensive than all other gear cutting methods. This process is very well utilized at the time of the fabricating of a large number of gears.
  •      Grinding procedure: The procedure is mainly utilized in the manufacturing of helical gear. It is the true indexing fixture that has to rotate in a specific ratio. Mostly these types of gears are produced with the help of rack-shaped cutters.
  •      Shaping procedure: This is one of the most important gear manufacturing procedures that helps in trimming and makes the gear smooth enough to work. It is one of the oldest methods of gear cutting that has been successfully used in industries. In this, the gear blank is put in the shaper, and it is cut down into the required shape.
  •      Finish procedure: This is the final step in the gear cutting, where the cutting, brushing, shaving, and lapping of the gears. This will finally help the gear to work well.

All these are the procedure which is to be undergone by the gears so that they can come out to be the best gears that will work efficiently. Different industries use different types of gear cutting tools that will help them to get the desired gears as and when required. Different shapes of gears are being used to run different types of machinery. From complex motor vehicles to simple machinery of cycles all work properly with the use of gears. The best combination of gears will help the company to get efficiency in the overall production process. Different sizes of gears are being used to do the work. S.S Tools is a leading company that is into the manufacturing of gear cutting tools in India. Their gears are being used by different sectors like automotive, aerospace, machine tool, railway sector, etc.