Gear Shaving Cutters​

S.S. Tools is a pioneer and market leader for high accuracy Gear Shaving Cutters​.

The company produces a wide range of shaving cutters such as conventional, diagonal, underpass & plunge. Shaving cutters are generally supplied with standard true involute  profile, however special modified profiles can be offered to generate tip/root relief, ‘K’ profile, lead crowning, etc. as per customer’s requirement. 

 Being a single source for various pre-shaved tools-hobs & shaping cutters, design parameters of shaving cutters are optimized to achieve better contact and desired form diameters in gears. All the manufacturing activities including designing, producing and inspection are intramural. 

With the vast experience in this field and latest software solutions, S.S. Tools has perfected the tool design and optimization formula which makes the tooling extremely  precise . Additionally, the company also offers re-sharpening of shaving cutters of any reputed make. 

Module (DP) Range:   1.25 – 8 Mod. (DP 20 – 3)

Diameter Range:         70 – 250 mm

Maximum Width:        60 mm

Materials:                      Conventional / PM High Speed Steels are available including:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    M2 / M3/ ASP 2023

SS Tools: The Best Gear Shaving Manufacturers In India

What makes an organization best in its services? It is the quality of products and services provided by them in the market. SS Tools is known for the best gear shaving cutters manufactured. We not only deal in India but have also export to different other countries across the globe.

Our best quality gear tools and gear cutters help us deliver the best services to all industries requiring our help. All the products are designed predominantly for the best working of the machines. These tools are joined with the superior computer-aided design to provide the best quality control over the products. We are taking help of all the modern and new processes that not only make the process more convenient but also very reliable and easy.


Best quality customisable  gear shaving cutters

We are also into the customization of gear shaving cutters according to the needs of the industry. This facility of ours makes us even more popular among the different industries as they know that SS Tools will not compromise the quality of the products at any cost. We understand our responsibility towards our work and make all the necessary steps to provide the best things in the market.

We are the leading manufactures that are providing with numerous types of shaving cutters. All these are great to meet the requirement of the industry. We are the right platform to contact for any of the gear tool-related things. Surely our team will guide you with the best products and their uses.

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