Master Gear

S.S. Tools is a pioneer and market leader for high accuracy Master Gear.

Spur and Helical Master Gears are designed and produced as per customer requirements for composite double or single profile (flank) checking of work gears. Master gears are manufactured using latest design software and process-controlled equipment, ensuring the longest possible tool life.

Module (DP) Range:           1 – 6 Mod. (DP 25.4 – 4)

Diameter Range:                 50 – 150 mm

Maximum Width:                50 mm

Accuracy:                              Certified class IV DIN 3962.

Materials:                              Conventional / PM High Speed Steels are available including:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              M2 / M3/ ASP 2023

Trust S.S. Tools For Top Quality Master Gear

We, at S.S. Tools, aim to provide top-quality and reliable master gear to meet every need of customers. Whenever any need for master gear arises, one can always rely on our best service. S.S. Tools is one of the most reputed company when it comes to gear cutters. We take all the necessary measures to ensure that the only superior quality raw materials are used in master gear manufacturing to be put to use for various needs of our clients.

Our brand is well respected in the market as we deliver a broad range of the highest quality tools and equipment. We use modern technology such as computer-aided designs for the superior quality manufacturing of various types of gearing tools. We at S.S. Tools value quality over anything else and thus ensure proper quality control so that only the right manufactured master gear reaches our customers.

We provide comprehensive services in terms of gear cutting such as hobs regrinding, master gears, shaper cutters, and many more such services. For ensuring the competency of various tools and equipment, we provide various coatings. This makes the tools and equipment highly resistant to heat and wear. Thus, they continue to provide the service without any challenge.

Every client of ours is very valuable to us. We understand at the S.S. Tools that our clients’ needs are different, and keeping this in mind, we also deliver customized products so that they can easily use these as per their requirements.

Thus, at S.S. Tools, one can have the top-quality products and that too at an affordable cost. We at S.S. Tools deliver value to our clients.

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