Milling Cutters

S.S. Tools is a pioneer and market leader for high accuracy Milling Cutters.

S.S. Tools manufacture accurate and long-lasting milling cutters for most tooth forms from standard involutes and sprockets to special splines, worm cutting, serrations, rack cutting, concave and convex form cutters etc. 

With the help of recent design advancements and latest CNC equipment, all rack milling cutters are manufactured with high pitch accuracies.

Module (DP) Range:       1.5 – 25 Mod. (DP 16 –1)

Diameter Range:            50 – 300 mm

Accuracy:                          Certified class AA, A.

Materials:                         Conventional / PM High Speed Steels are available including:
                                                                         ASP 2060 / ASP 2052 / ASP 2030 / S390 / S290 / M35

Coatings:                         All types of PVD coatings are available including:
                                                                        Gold (TiN) / Futura Nano (TiAlN) / Alcrona (AlCrN)

gear hobs

Rack Milling Cutters

Accurate rack milling cutters are designed and made to produce high quality racks. The cutters are available in straight and helical gash designs with high pitch accuracies.

Involute Cutter

Involute Gear Cutter

Involute gear cutters are made to produce spur gears on milling machines. These are generally made in a set of 8 pieces covering the entire tooth range of gears.

worm milling cutter

Worm Milling Cutter

These are used for cutting threads on worm shafts using thread milling machines.

Sf Milling Cutter

Special form Milling Cutters

Special form milling cutters are made to suit customer component requirements in varied nature. Most of the shapes such as convex, concave, radius and special thread form are covered under this.

Looking For Milling Cutter Manufacturers? S.S.Tools Is Here At Your Service

Every industry wants to get the best tools and cutters that will make their working efficient. So, by understanding all these requirements, S.S. Tools have come up with a wide range of products that can be used by the industry. Not only this, but we are also one of the leading manufacturers that are dealing in milling cutters manufacturing. The quality of the products provided is top-notch, and there is no doubt about this.

We have the best research and development team that is in the continuous process of designing something new and innovative for the organization that can further make the work of the industries easy. We are dealing with the different tools and equipment used in the industries to carry out different operations. All these tools and equipment are made from the latest technology that will ensure that the best quality of products is produced out.

All the comprehensive gear cutting tools like shaving cutters, master gears, hobs, and even the shaper cutters are the best in terms of quality and work. Moreover, the organization is into the manufacturing of customized tooling that will be very helpful for the gear industry in the long run.

The ultimate product range & the best quality of the products makes S.S. Tools stand out differently in the market. Whenever you need any such tooling, it will be great to contact the S.S. tools team to get more information on it, and you will surely be impressed by them.

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