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Gear Hobs

S.S. Tools is a leading manufacturer of precision gear hobs in India.

These hobs are used for generating  spur and helical gears,  involute  splines, straight key splines, sprockets, worm wheels, timing pulleys, etc. These are generally supplied with bore keyway, however hobs with end drive slot and shank design are also available. With the help of vast experience, expertise and use of latest multi-axis CNC hob profile grinding machines, customized hob shapes and tooth forms are designed and produced to suit customer specifications. We are the best known gear hob manufacturers. 

These gear hob cutters can be either single or multi-start for finishing, pre-shaving and pre-grinding gears with profile features including tooth tip chamfer, protuberance, topping / semi-topping, full radius, tip/root relief, or any other modifications.

Module (DP) Range:          0.5 – 30 Mod. (DP 50 – 0.85)

Diameter Range:                20 – 300 mm

Accuracy:                              Certified class AA, A as per DIN 3968.

Materials:                              Conventional / PM High Speed Steels are available including: ASP 2060 / ASP 2052 / ASP 2030 / S390 / S290 / M35

Coatings:                              All types of PVD coatings are available including: Gold (TiN) / Futura Nano (TiAlN) / Alcrona (AlCrN)

Involute Gear Hobs

Involute spline hobs are used to produce involute splines and serrations. These hobs are generally produced with pressure angles 30°, 37.5° and 45° as per various DIN and ANSI standards. These hobs can be offered with shoulder clearances in single and multi-thread designs.

Single Thread Gear Hobs

Involute Spline Hobs have straight sides teeth like a gear hob, and are usually of stub tooth depth. They are made in single or multiple thread designs, with diametral pitches ranged from 2.5/5 to 128/256 and pressure angles of 30°, 37.5°, or 45°.

Worm Hobs

Worm gear hobs are provided to manufacture precision worm gears. These hobs can be offered in both shank type, as well as bore type designs. These are specific tools that match the worm shaft with sharpening allowance. Both radial and tangential hobs can be offered in single and multi-start designs.

Sprocket Hobs

Sprocket hobs are designed and produced for the formation of chain sprocket tooth forms by the gear hob manufacturers in India. Both topping and non-topping hobs can be offered in single and multi-thread designs as per various standards including DIN, BS, ANSI, JIS etc.

S K S hobs

These hobs have special curved tooth forms to produce straight key splines on shafts. Spline hobs produce exact tooth forms at given tooth depth. Various profile features including lugs and semi-topping can be incorporated on these hobs

SF Hobbs

These hobs are offered for various special tooth forms such as timing pulleys, ratchets, chamfering ring gears, etc.

Shank type gear hobs

Shanks Hobs are offered for today’s high-speed cutting application. These hobs are mainly used on  CNC machines. Shank Hobs can be offered with long cutting rows in single and multi-thread designs.

Special Drive Hobs

Special Drive Hobs can be designed and manufactured for any special requirement – from OD and face clamping to clutch key ways with special hubs.

Benefits of Gear Hobs

Gear hobs make your tasks easier and more efficient, saving you time and effort. Let’s have a look at the benefits of using Gear hobs from S.S. Tools.

Diverse Application Range: S.S. Tools provides precise gear hobs that are suitable for a variety of uses, including spur and helical gears, sprockets, timing pulleys, and more, providing flexible usage.

Customized Designs: Using cutting-edge CNC hob profile grinding machines, S.S. Tools manufactures unique gear hob cutters with sizes and tooth forms that precisely fit the requirements of each customer.

Comprehensive Range: To meet the needs of various industries, we offer a broad range that includes Involute Spline Hobs, Worm Gear Hobs, Sprocket Hobs, Straight Key Spline Hobs, and Special Form Hobs.

High-Quality Materials: S.S. Tools assures the strength and endurance of its gear hobs, ensuring optimal performance, by using high-quality materials like PM and HSS grade steels and coatings like Alcrona Pro.

Professional Excellence: With a commitment to quality and compliance, S.S. Tools stands out as a renowned gear hobs manufacturer and cutting tools supplier, offering exceptional tools and reliable services while adhering to industry standards.