Product Range

S.S. Tools supplies a wide range of gear cutting tools to many of the world’s leading manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, and oil industries.

Continuous development on specialized machines required for the generation and production of gear tooling, coupled with advanced computer-aided design, manufacture, and quality control, has kept S.S. Tools as the leader in cutting edge innovation and production of the highest quality gear tooling. 

Take a look below to see a sample of the wide range of tooling we can supply and service.

Gear Hobs

Use straight angled sides for generating spur & helical gears of maximum accuracy on gear hobbing machines.

Gear Shaper Cutters

Disc type designed for producing spur, splines, sprockets & helical gears. The company manufactures various types of shaper cutters.

Power Skiving Tools

Process includes continual gear cutting, making possible the production of both spur and helical in external and internal gears.

Gear Shaving Cutters

This high precision gear finishing tool is designed & manufactured in various types such as conventional, diagonal.

Milling Cutters

These cutters are available for most tooth forms from standard involutes and sprokets to special splines.

Master Gears

Spur & Helical Master Gears are designed and produced as per customers requirement for composite.

Flat Thread Rolling Dies

The company is a leading supplier of Associated Tool Manufacturers (ATM) brand flat ground thread rolling die plates for high-quality fasteners.