Milling Cutters

S.S. Tools manufacture accurate and long-lasting milling cutters for most tooth forms from standard involutes and sprockets to special splines, worm cutting, serrations, rack cutting, concave and convex form cutters etc. With the help of recent design advancements and latest CNC equipment, all rack milling cutters are manufactured with high pitch accuracies.

Module (DP) Range:       1.5 – 25 Mod. (DP 16 –1)

Diameter Range:            50 – 300 mm

Accuracy:                          Certified class AA, A.

Materials:                         Conventional / PM High Speed Steels are available including:
                                                                         ASP 2060 / ASP 2052 / ASP 2030 / S390 / S290 / M35

Coatings:                         All types of PVD coatings are available including:
                                                                        Gold (TiN) / Futura Nano (TiAlN) / Alcrona (AlCrN)

Rack Milling Cutters

Accurate rack milling cutters are designed and made to produce high quality racks. The cutters are available in straight and helical gash designs with high pitch accuracies.

Involute Cutter

Involute Gear Cutter

Involute gear cutters are made to produce spur gears on milling machines. These are generally made in a set of 8 pieces covering the entire tooth range of gears.

worm milling cutter

Worm Milling Cutter

These are used for cutting threads on worm shafts using thread milling machines.

Sf Milling Cutter

Special form Milling Cutters

Special form milling cutters are made to suit customer component requirements in varied nature. Most of the shapes such as convex, concave, radius and special thread form are covered under this.