Gears are an invention that has helped the rise of mankind to the industrial age. Without gears, humanity would not have access to most of the machinery that it is so used to having nowadays. Gears are parts with incisions on them called teeth. Gears are capable of accomplishing so much because these teeth can interlock with each other. This interlocking can only happen if the teeth are cut to perfection. Here comes the need for gear shaper cutters, and you have to visit to get the best possible experience.


S.S. Tools


A leading pioneer in the industry of gears, this company supplies gears for a wide range of industries, including railways and aerospace. It can design both standard and customized gear for its customers. The focus of S.S. Tools on design and innovation has led to them having their in-house design capabilities.

This dedication to innovation has led them to acquire Fhusa tools, a Spanish gear-making company with a global presence. This has bolstered its ability to provide quality service to its customers.


They had set up a 30,000 sq. ft facility for the same, and it has resulted in it being able to serve customers all around the world. The company leads the industry with its customer focus, quality products, and quick delivery of products.


Navigate the site


The website is designed to offer a seamless experience to its customers. When you enter the site, it gives you an idea about the types of gear shaper cutters available on the market. They also provide all the necessary dimensions so that you, as the customer, can take the best decision.


There is also an option called quick quote. When selecting this option, it will ask for company details, address, and any comments. Based on the details, a support executive will contact you regarding the estimate of the order that you are considering. If you have any additional requirements or files that you want to share, you can do that with the form.


There is a products and services tab present at the top of the page. While the products tab will inform the user about all the varieties of products that are offered by the company, the services tab defines the services that they provide.


  • Re-sharpening – The problem with using these tools is that as time passes, they get dull, and the process becomes more tedious while costing more energy. The company offers to re-sharpen the gear cutters to ensure a long, fruitful life for the machine.
  • Reverse Engineering – Customers might not have the technical knowledge to design a gear. Through this service, the company will take hand-drawn designs along with customer requirements and design the most optimal gear.
  • PVD Coating – The process will generate a lot of heat and cause wear and tear in the machine. Through the coatings provided by the company, customers can achieve maximum utilization of their machines.


By visiting, customers will get the best service for their gear needs. If you are still doubtful, visit the site and contact them through their various contact points on the website.